Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Play date with Nic and Nyle

Our friend Jennah and her little boys, Nic(3) and Nyle(1), came over on Monday for lunch and a play date. We had so much fun. Jennah and her family just came home from doing mission work in Hungary. We are so happy to have them back. And, believe me...Nic was excited to see a whole bunch of toys. He barely looked up from the toys the whole time he was here! Jennah said he didn't get to have many toys with him while they were overseas. I didn't get a picture of Nic because he was so busy. However, here is a sweet little video of Korben and Nyle. They loved each other.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

One more video

First time to swim in a "real" pool!

Aaron and I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to let Korben swim in a "real" pool for the first time. Today was the day! A precious couple in our church has given us an open invitation to their pool. God bless them. We had so much fun. The first few minutes didn't go so well because Aaron just jumped right in the water. It really scared Korben. I can't imagine what his little brain processed in that moment. He had never seen a pool before, and all of a sudden daddy just jumped right in. Actually, he dove in! It took a good 5-10 minutes for Korben to realize his daddy was okay. We just sat on the side of the pool, and he eventually began to splash his toes in the water. Then he wanted to stand up and splash. At that point, we knew he was ready to sit inside his float. He loved it! I was a little nervous how our first experience would play out considering the meltdown at the beginning, but it turned out to be a FABULOUS first experience. OH, and an added bonus for Korben. He got to meet a new doggie friend named "Emma." He loved her soooo much!

Superhero Day

The Chick-fil-A in Fort Smith is awesome. Once a year they have a "Princess Day" and a "Superhero Day." Well, today was "Superhero Day" and we knew one of the celebrity superheroes very well! Aaron was recruited to be the Incredible Hulk! He eats there often, and about 6 months ago the manager asked him if he would do it. At the time, he didn't know when it was. Well, a couple weeks ago the manager showed up at the church to talk to him about the details. This lady was serious about Aaron being the Hulk!

My friend Rachel asked me last night if Korben was going to dress up. I didn't even THINK about him needing something "superheroish" to wear. So, I went to Walmart first thing this morning and found the cutest Batman pajamas...complete with a CAPE!

Aaron was there from 11-3 today. We showed up at noon, and I'm pretty sure everyone in Fort Smith was there with their pre-schooler. Holy Moly, it was a MAD HOUSE! People were overflowing out of the doors, and there was even activities in the parking lot! I saw just about every superhero before I saw Aaron. I couldn't wait for Korben to see him. I just knew I would get the cutest picture of The Hulk and Batman. As soon as Aaron started walking towards him, Korben started trembling. He was terrified of him! I'm sure it freaked him out even more that his Daddy's voice was coming from this crazy green man. So, no chance at taking a picture of the two of them. We did manage to go outside and take a family picture, tear-free! Linda Cain was kind enough to come support the madness, and even took all of these pictures! Thank you, Linda!

Seth, Rachel, and Drew Reeves came to support too! Drew was a little scared too, but who wouldn't be? I was scared just standing in Chik-fil-a. I couldn't wait to leave. However, it was a really fun experience! I was so proud of Aaron. It was really cool seeing how excited the little kids were (well, not mine!).

My day got even better when I found out my BFF Emily was in town! Korben and I met up with her and her mom at Hobby Lobby, and then went to have lunch at Red Lobster. We had a great time! It has been a wonderful day. I think it is about to get even better because we are about to take Korben swimming for the first time in a real pool! I'll let you know how that goes!

Until then, enjoy looking at the pictures of our day!! By the way, did you know that the "Batmobile" is actually red?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

BAD hair day!

Korben took the most amazing 3.5 hour nap after church on Sunday. When he woke up, THIS is what he looked like. I promise you that I did nothing to add to the craziness. In fact, before I took him to church that night I had to give him a bath to calm this fro down! Combing it was just not doing the trick. Does anyone know who Lyle Lovett is? Just wondering.

Aunt Kimmie and Melody

Aunt Kimmie (and her dog Melody) came in from Nashville on Saturday to see us! Soon after they arrived, Kim closed Melody off to one side of the house so she and Korben could adjust to each other. They looked at each other through the glass, and Korben kept taking her his toys. It started out with play money/coins, but my personal favorite item he took her was the "Everyone poops" book. Aaron had just given him that book after finding it on his Chicago trip. I am laughing right now just thinking about how funny that moment was.

Another cute thing he did was refer to Melody as "kitty." He is very good at recognizing dogs, and he always calls them like he sees them. However, he was convinced Melody was a kitty. I can't say that we did a good job encouraging him otherwise because it was just so cute to hear him call her a "kitty cat." We're terrible. ;o)

Korben loved his Aunt Kimmie. It had been since his birthday party since they had seen each other, and Christmas since they had actually gotten to play with each other! He has grown sooooooo much since then, so we were long over due to get together! It was a short visit, but Korben had so much fun with her! Hopefully we will get to go visit her in Nashville later on this summer.

Kim was enamored with how precious it sounds to hear Korben say "Hi" or "Hey" in the sweetest little voice, 500 times a day. If you walk out of the room for a second and re-enter, you WILL be properly greeted by his sweet little face. And don't worry, there is no exception to this rule. Animals, real or stuffed, also get properly greeted multiple times a day.

Thank you for coming, Kimmie! We love you!

Around the house!

Here are some self explanatory fun pictures from last week!

Fun with Mopsy

Mopsy came to visit us at CC's house last Wednesday afternoon. Korben was thrilled to see her! He was proud to show her all of his tricks at CC's house. His favorite trick is making sure the trash compactor is always compacting. It is a full time job keeping that thing compacting all day long, you know! As soon as it finishes, he has to run back into the kitchen just to push the button again. My mom's trash has never been so compacted.

While Julie was holding Korben he started pointing at a banana. I thought he was just pretending like he wanted to eat it because he has not been eating banana for the past couple weeks for some strange reason. Well, we just pealed it and let him eat it like he was a monkey, and I guess he thought it tasted better that way. We were cracking up at his mouth full of banana!

And one weirdly posed picture for the road...

Play date with cousins

Last week, Korben and I had a play date with our favorite cousins in the world: Heather, Carson, Jackson, and Anderson. For those of you who always hear me talk about these cousins, let me clarify the relation. My mom's sister is Joyce (also referred to as Aunt MeeMe), her son is Stephen, who is married to Heather, who is the mother of Carson, Jackson and Anderson. Got it? They're wonderful. Ages 7, 4, and 2. How much fun will all of our boys have growing up? How much fun do they ALREADY have together? I was telling Heather that the last time I took Korben to their house He couldn't even roll over yet. Now he can run! Time is flying by! Thanks to these boys, Korben loves ALL children. I think he thinks that every little boy he sees is one of his cousins. Unfortunately, not all little boys this age as sweet as these boys. I'm afraid Korben will learn that the hard way when he tries to give the next random 7 year old he sees a hug and a kiss.

Swimming at CC's

I was doing pretty well with getting caught up on my blog until I left my laptop charger at my mom's on Saturday. It just came in the mail today, so I'm going to pick up where I left off.

Aaron took the Seniors to Chicago last week, so Korben and I headed to CC's house. She got him his own little swimming pool, and I couldn't wait to give it another try. I thought I would put water in his pool early in the day so it would be warm by later in the afternoon. To my surprise, it came out of the water hose very warm (like, perfect bath water temperature). Korben just took that as an invitation to get in. I didn't want to take the time to go inside and change him in to his swim suit, so I just let him swim naked. Why not, right? It was just us. Well, now I'm about to share his nudie pictures with all of you. It was just so precious when he decided he'd had enough of the pool, and walked around the back yard with nothing but his shoes on. He is so going to kill me later!

The little pirate wanted to swim again!

Aunt Meeme (Joycie) came over to play with him too. She actually came over every day, but we only got this one picture.

We had lots of fun times in the back yard!