Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend with Family

Aaron and I decided it was time to visit the family. It had been three weeks since my mom had seen Korben and 4 weeks since Don and Julie had seen Korben. That was just way too long to go without seeing this growing boy! We left Wednesday night after church and drove to Jacksonville to see my mom. It worked out great because Aaron and I always end up staying awake really late on Wednesday nights discussing church anyway, so the 2.5 hour drive went really quickly. We spent a lot of time in the car this weekend driving to Jacksonville, all over Little Rock, to Heber Springs, and back to Fort Smith...but I have to say it was just so much fun to be in the car with my husband. As much as I love to listen to music, we actually never turned the radio on once. We just talked about the most random things. All the while, Korben was either sleeping or making motor boat noises in the back seat. We would be having a conversation thinking Korben was asleep and all of a sudden "twinkle twinkle little star" would start playing. We would then just crack up laughing, knowing that meant he was awake and chewing on his toy. I wish I could get a good video of him doing his motor boat noises. They're pretty impressive. Aaron and I can't even re-create those noises as well as he can...and believe me, we tried.

Below is a picture of Korben's first experience (and probably his last) bathing in a copper sink at his Poppy and Mopsy's house. He loved it!

Korben is just now paying attention to animals. This is Korben with his Mopsy, checking out their dog, "Sienna". I never could take the picture fast enough to capture Korben grabbing for the dog. This is the best I could do.

We were at a neat little store in Heber Springs that had this precious miniature rocking chair outside. We couldn't resist putting him in it for a photo opportunity. If you wonder how a 6 month old is sitting in a rocking chair, look closely to one of the pictures, and you will see that he was temporarily "clipped" in.

It doesn't take him long to make a new best friend!

Reflecting over a long day's work at the farm:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Go Hogs Go!

Aaron and I quickly got in the razorback spirit today when we received a phone call from our friends inviting us to go to the razorback game with them tomorrow! After finding someone to keep Korben, my next thought was, what do I wear? I realized that I have NO razorback gear, but Korben has a closet full. Too bad he isn't the one going to the game! I figured that in honor of the game tomorrow I would dress him in a razorback outfit today, tomorrow, and maybe even the next day! Here are some pictures of him outside (we can't get enough of this great weather) today modeling some of his razorback wear:

Sitting up all by himself, and very excited about it.

He was sitting up so well, and then began to fall over in very slow motion He actually liked the position he ended up in.

I said "poopoo" for this smile. For some reason, he already knows that word is funny.

He doesn't miss a sound. This is him staring at a plane flying by.

6 Month Check Up

On Wednesday the 17th I took Korben for his 6 month check-up. He weighed 19lbs. 6 oz, and was 28 in. long. That puts him in the 75th percentile for his weight, and 93rd percentile for his height. So, to say the least, he is having no problems growing! I never thought my 6 month old would be wearing 18 month clothes.

Dr. Beene increased his reflux medicine after watching Korben spit up (Good timing, Korben). His dosage had not been increased since he was about half the size he is, hopefully his reflux will get better now that he is getting the adequate amount of medicine.

She also gave me a prescription for flouride. I have heard all over the news that the kids' of this generation's teeth were rotting due to the lack of flouride in our water. I assumed that there was flouride in our tap water, but apparently not in Ft. Smith. So, I will now give him a drop of flouride in his mouth everyday until he is around 4 years old, then he can chew a vitamin. We can't have our baby's teeth rotting out...even though he doesn't have any yet!

He was such a good boy during his check up. He did all his tricks for all the staff..laughed, jabbered, grabbed everything in sight, rolled on his sides, and smiled at everybody! He is such a ham....maybe its the Cunning"ham" in him that is coming out (cheesy, but true). Even after getting three shots, all I had to do was pick him up off the table and pretend like I was going to throw him in the air and he started laughing, forgetting all about the shots!

We thank God constantly for our healthy and happy baby boy!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Can I just give a shout out to God for giving us incredible weather today? After our walk today, Korben and I decided to chill in the backyard on a blanket. It was just too pretty to be inside. While we were out there, I took some pictures of him, and they surprisingly turned out to be pretty good! There is something about natural lighting that just made his eyes pop!

Trying to take the camera from me:

Posing like a baby model:

If Korben was running for "President of Babies" this would be his campaign photo. You can tell he is thinking of "Change" and "Hope." HA!

My personal favorite:

Lastly, in case you were wondering what his hair looked like in the sun, here it is in all its shimmering glory...might I add that it is long enough to spike again, yay!

Fun in the cardboard box.

Click the link below if you would like to see Korben's new favorite toy!

Giggling Baby

This was first time I had ever heard Korben laugh this much! I had only ever heard a single giggle until this day. For some reason, he thought it was funny when I laughed, so I went with it, and videoed the whole thing.
This was shot on August 18th, he was just a little over 5 months old.

Videos on You Tube

I just got a You Tube account and I have successfully uploaded one video. I am going to work on eventually adding all of his videos and there will be links on this site to see them.

Here is the link to see "The little drummer boy" as I call it. We shot this about a week ago when he learned that he could bang on his high chair. This is so funny because we have a video when I was about Korben's age doing the exact same thing.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Korben's Six Month Photo Shoot

Here are a few pictures from our family photo shoot today in honor of Korben's 6 month birthday! If you would like to see all of them, please visit, click "capturing life", then click "client proofing", and the password is "Korben08." Leigh Ann is fantastic and got some incredible shots of Korben. He wasn't incredibly happy toward the end of the shoot, but you never would have known it from these shots.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The past 6 months.

Sunday, July 15th, 2007 was the night our lives changed forever. That was the night we found out we were going to be parents. Fourteen months sure have flown by in a hurry!

Our precious baby boy was born on March 10, 2008 at 11:59:59 p.m. He was 8lbs 3oz and was 21 1/2 in. long. He is now 6 months old. I meant to start a blog a long time ago...but its better late than never, right? To bring you up to speed on the past six months, I will post some of my favorite pictures of our journey up until now.

The night we found out we were pregnant.

Because one test wasn't good enough.

Twenty weeks pregnant. About to find out if we're having a little Aaron or a little Kristen. I remember feeling excited, nervous, cold, and like I had to pee worse than I ever had in my life.

Its a boy! John Korben Rodgers, it is. We were amazed that he already had a little belly on him at only a pound and a half.

All three of us!

Aaron insisted on taking this picture of me walking to the bathroom. This was 24 hours before the delivery (via c-section...hence the 24 hour labor). I was still positive at this point (and might I add, Enormous with capital "E".)

He's finally here! Here is a video of him taking his first few breaths.

We couldn't have been more thrilled (or shocked!) to find out we had a red-headed baby!

Leaving the hospital.

About two weeks old...

On April 5, 2008 we moved to our new home in Fort Smith. Korben was almost 4 weeks old then.

First professional pictures done on May first. He was 7 weeks old.

This smile caught us off guard. It was one of the first we had ever seen!

Here, he is 10 weeks old, and smiling all the time.

Three months old here, loving his bumbo seat.

Four months old here...happy as can be!

Loves bath time!

First messy food experience. (Its prunes, not chocolate, I promise!)

Five months old, loves sucking his toes.

Happiest baby in the world.