Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time for a haircut

Do you think it is time for a haircut? I have come to the point where I am ready. Korben has now been called a pretty little girl 3 times, and his Mother's day out teacher told me that his hair was in his eyes. I'm ready. I have been in denial for a while now, but now I know it needs to be done. The only problem is... when the humidity is just right, and the back of his hair kinks up in three beautiful little ringlets, it makes my heart flutter. I'm really going to miss his curls. I mean, I'm really going to miss them. I don't know the day yet, but one day this week he will be getting his first haircut. Stay tuned for some before and after photos (and maybe the sound of wailing).

Boo Boo's and MDO

Here is a picture I took before church last Wednesday night of Korben thoroughly enjoying his macaroni and cheese.

While playing at church that night, he scraped his nose and ended up with a yucky boo boo. So, this was the little boy I took to his first day of Mother's Day out on Thursday.

I just want you to compare these two pictures below. One was taken before MDO and the other was taken after.

I love how his hair was parted one way in the first picture and another in the next!

Here is an upclose picture of Korben playing with the "craft" he made at MDO. He was so proud of it, and I almost cried when he handed it to me!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Funny stories!

I know this sounds weird, but Korben likes to be told to sit down. If you tell him to sit, he will stop what he is doing to "plop" down on the ground. He will instantly get back up, just so you will tell him to do it again. I was showing Aaron how he does this the other night, and we got busy talking in the middle of his trick. Korben began to tell himself to sit down. I looked over and he was pointing his finger out saying "down" and then sitting down, then standing up and repeating. He doesn't need us!

My mom and I talk on the phone for a little while almost every morning. For a while now, Korben has been echoing every word he knows that I say. It is very distracting because I will just be in mid-conversation and if I say a word he knows he repeats it back to me. Well, the past couple days he has been saying this phrase over and over while I'm on the phone "Mom? Yeah, Mom? Yeah, Mom? Yeah" It finally clicked this morning that he is imitating what he hears me saying on the phone. Since he only hears one side of the conversation, he is hearing me say "yeah" a lot, and he is probably hearing me say "Mom?" because I have horrible phone reception in my house and it is always cutting out on me. So, "MOM?, Yeah" is Korben's impersonation of me on the phone.

When Drew was taking pictures of Korben on Saturday, Korben could not wait to jump up and look at the digital image on the back of Drew's camera. He would say "Awwwwwww" every time he saw a picture! Where did he learn that?

On Monday night at a church event, he told children that were running down the hall "no no" while shaking his finger at them with an angry face. Then proceeded to say his 5 syllable "Hiiiiiii" and give them hugs.

He is still OBSESSED with stickers. Seriously, if I had a dollar for everytime I heard "Stik-uh" a day, I would be loaded! We just got him a new sticker book with over 200 sesame street characters and random items. The other day we were playing and he would pull off the stickers and tell me what they were, i.e. Elmo, Cookie (Cookie Monster), Ball, get the idea). Here is a real life scenario of a funny thing that happened next:

Me: "Look Korben, it is JUICE" (showing him a sticker of a juice box)
Korben: "JUICE"
Me: "Very good!" *hands Korben sticker*
Korben: *Sucks out of the "straw" on the box of juice (remember, this is just a sticker) and he goes "MMMMMMMMMM"

He doesn't do this with any of the other stickers, only when he finds the juice box sticker!! So hilarious!

I heard him singing in his room this morning, and thought I would go in and say good morning. I opened the door, said "good morning!", he stood up, put his finger over his mouth, and said "SHHH." Really? Sorry I interrupted song time!

One week from today I will be posting about SESAME STREET LIVE! We are taking Korben to the "Elmo's Green Thumb" show here at the Fort Smith Convention Center at 10:30 in the morning! I can't see how he won't love it! It involves all of his favorite things: Elmo, music, and dancing!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My best friend Emily and her husband Drew (who just so happens to be a photographer) came over to visit on Saturday. We never intended to put Drew to work that day, but for some reason we ended up having an impromptu photo shoot. Drew is ridiculously talented and I could not be more proud of these pictures.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The past two weeks

Last Tuesday, August 4th, Aaron called me with some interesting news. He said that his ministry assistant, Brittany, had just tested positive for the flu, and his intern, Brandon, had a fever and was feeling really badly too. Aaron confessed that had eaten "the rest of" Brittany's sandwich the day before, and although he wasn't feeling any symptoms yet, he was afraid that there was a high possibility he was going to get sick too. Since Aaron knows that Korben catches everything, he lovingly "kicked us out of the house." Well, he basically suggested that we go to my mom's house early. We were already planning to go to my mom's on Saturday in preparation for a road trip to Nashville on Sunday. He said that if he didn't feel bad by Thursday that he would come and visit us before we left for Nashville.

Good news is that Aaron never got sick. Bad news is that Korben did. On Wednesday, Korben started getting a fever. Thursday I took him to the doctor (my back up pediatrician in North Little Rock), and he tested negative for the flu...praise the LORD. He had just caught another lovely fever virus. We thought he was getting better, so Aaron and I headed out on a date Friday night in Little Rock while my mom kept Korben at her house. His temperature went up a degree for every hour we were gone. By the time we were home he had 104.5. My poor mom had just given him a lukewarm bath, and was feeding him popsicles when we got back. He was almost lifeless in her arms. We felt terrible! Fortunately, his temp started to head back down after that, and he was well by the next day. I guess it had to get it's "worst" before it got better. He slept in bed with me that night which made for lots of unforgettable memories. (There is nothing like waking up in the middle of the night and seeing Korben sitting up in the bed staring at you.)

So, Sunday we headed to Nashville, as planned, to visit my sister! I was very, very, very nervous about how Korben would travel. He usually does not like to go to sleep in the car, and if he is not sleeping he spends most of his time screaming. However, we rigged up a DVD player in the back seat and that made all the difference in the world. The trip broke down like this: 1.5 hours of baby einstein, 1 hour nap,1 hour of happy rested time, 1 hour at cracker barrel, 1.5 hours of baby einstein, and 1 hour nap. I seriously could not have asked for anything more. He did AMAZING.

Aunt Kimmie and Melody greeted us, and had special surprises for Korben! Korben got a very cool work bench that has a hammer, screw driver, saw, and all sorts of boy toys that make lots of fun noises. He loves it! She also got him some of the "original" goldfish crackers that are not cheddar. I didn't know they existed, and Korben loves those too! Thank you so much for being so un-necessarily generous.

We spent 3 nights with her and had such a good time! She just got a new job and moved to a new place, so we helped her hang pictures and mirrors, as well as helped with a little re-decorating. Korben was such a trooper with the shopping, and slept a lot, so we were able to be really productive!

I would have to speak for Korben and say that the hilight of his trip was feeding Melody. It was hard to get him to eat his food because he couldn't wait to feed her! I've rarely seen him get THAT excited, and Korben is a very excitable little boy! His face would almost turn inside out he would smile so big after giving melody a bite of food. He could say "Melody" pretty well, but he preferred to just yell "GOG(Dog)" everytime he saw her. He also liked to sit on her. If he knew he was about to sit on her, he would grab a book so he could "read" it while he was sitting on her. I was never able to get a picture of this because Melody would move so fast, but it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Why don't I just show you some pictures??

About to pull out of my mom's driveway in the loaded-down car! I'm so thankful for my Honda CR-V! We needed all the space we could get!

Sweet, sleeping baby.

Korben is checking out his new toy from Aunt Kimmie.

Feeding the "Gog."

I thought it was ironic that these "cousins" almost had the exact same hair.

Reading his book.

I'm going to try to find all of the pictures we have of this exact pose over the past 10 years (Melody turned 10 this summer) and put them on my blog sometime.

Mom and Kim

This picture captures the way Korben acted towards Kim for pretty much the whole trip. We learned our lesson. If we want Korben to bond with someone quickly, we will not talk about them a whole lot and say anything about giving hugs and kisses. It seemed to work against us. Of course as soon as we got back home, he lovingly pointed at all of her pictures and said "KiKi" for "Kimmie." He is SUCH a stinker. I've already told Kim that it won't be long and he will be a teenager, telling me he wants to move in with his cool Aunt Kimmie.

CC is teaching Korben to color at our stopping place, Cracker Barrel!


Rocking in the cool cracker barrel rocking chairs!

Dear DVD player, we love you. Thank you for providing quality entertainment to this restless child.

We love you so much, Kim! We had such a great time just being with you! We just wish we could hang out more often. Looking forward to the next time we can be together.

I plan to post soon about all the funny things my 17 month old little stud is doing these days. I have been SOOOOO busy since I got back to Fort Smith at the end of last week. Aaron and I have just been running in circles. I had things to mark off of my to-do list, and unfortunately my blog was last on the list. But hey, at least we have clean bathrooms and ironed clothes!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New words!

At Christmas in 2007, my Aunt Joyce gave Aaron a digital photo key chain for Christmas. We were expecting Korben in just a couple months and she knew he could use it to show off baby pictures. With full intentions on using it, he ended up getting an iPhone before Korben was born, so he took all of his pictures on that. We've had the key chain all this time, and it just dawned on me yesterday that I could put some pictures on it for Korben and let him have it to flip through. He loves to push buttons, of course. So, I put about 20 pictures of him with different family members on there. This morning he was flipping through it and he said "Mommy", then "HeHe"(which is what he says for CC), then "Mommy" again (which was actually a picture of him and his Aunt Kimmie...Sorry Kim!), and then he said "Mopsy!" I wasn't looking at the picture with him so I said "Korben, did you just say Mopsy? He said, "UH HUH in the sweetest little high-pitched voice! I grabbed the keychain, and sure enough it was a picture of Mopsy. This was the first time I'd heard him say it. So he flipped through all the pictures again, and I heard him say it AGAIN. I could never get him to repeat it on command, but I know for a fact he said it twice this morning.

He is really saying new things every day! I feel like I have so much to tell Aaron every night about all he is saying and doing! I'm going to try to type out a few random things that I want to record before I forget! This is my one and only baby book, you know.

New things Korben is saying:

Mickey (Kickey)
Elmo (Occasionally comes out as Melmo)
Diaper (Biper)
Bear (Bay-er)
Berry (for Blueberry)
Thank you (thank ya)
Dog (gog)

Says "YAY" every time he does something good. For instance, he successfully stacked blocks on top of each other yesterday without knocking them down and every time he would add a block to the stack he would yell "YAY" at the top of his lungs. I wonder where he has heard that!

He was so excited about his green beans for dinner last night that he clapped while he said "mean beans!"

Aaron taught him to flex his muscles.

He can hold up one finger and say ONE if you ask him how old he is.

When I've asked him questions, he has started to go "ummmmm" sometimes before he answers. I seriously don't know where he learned that.

Favorite Animal Sounds to make:
Arf Arf
Oink Oink

Has started to sing the "E-I-E-I" part of "Old McDonald had a farm"...he doesn't like the "O" yet.

He is really getting "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" down. I'll have to make another video of that soon.

Aaron brought him a unicorn beanie babie from a happy meal the other day and he said "HeeHaw!" I've always wondered what unicorns say. They may very well "heehaw."

He will show you his nose, ears and tummy when asked. We're working on the rest, but he really likes to show his tummy.

He loves stickers. I found a farm animal book of stickers yesterday that I didn't know we had. I would give him a sticker and tell him the name of the animal and the sound it made. I was giving them to him while I was in the kitchen cooking. He would make the animal noise all the way into the living room and then come back in the kitchen without the sticker, wanting another one. I did this about fifteen times without going to see what he was doing with the stickers. Then I walked in there to see the lovely farm animal collage on the side of the armoire. I sent Aaron a text telling him that Korben made him a surprise. Aaron was thrilled when he saw it. :o)

This morning when I was on the phone with Jule, telling her that Korben had said Mopsy, he handed me a book of stamps he had pulled out of my purse and said "stickers". The proceeded to walk over to his collage (don't worry, it is not there anymore) with them like he wanted to add to his collection. I told him those stickers were too expensive.

Those are all the stories I have time for right now, folks. Gotta go be productive during nap time.

Hope you all are having a fantastic day. Thanks for checking in with us.