Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm still alive

I know it appears that I have neglected my blog. I haven't done it intentionally. Life has just HAPPENED the past month. One month ago today, I had a week of gallbladder issues that began with an all-nighter to the ER, and ended with lots and lots of tests. That was a very challenging week. Then it was Thanksgiving week, which was fabulous and busy. Then, I started and finished the twilight series (well, the last two books) in a matter of days. THEN, I had a week's worth of root canal/tooth infections/top lip the size of rhode island/dental drama and spent a lot of time snoozing in my spare time thanks to pain meds. Oh, and most detrimental to my blogging career, almost two weeks ago, my lap top pretty much bit the dust. I knew it had been coming. So, I only get to be on the computer when Aaron is at home with his work compter...and that is not that often. We are still deciding what to do about my computer crisis. I really miss blogging, and I can't even begin to sum up how many wonderful memories we have had with our precious son over the past month.

Every day I am full of stories of how SMART, SWEET, and HILARIOUS he is. Everyday I fall so much more deeply in love with our son. I can't believe he is not even two years old, and I already feel like we can have conversations and genuinely have fun together. I have always felt like being a mom was the most fun thing ever, but now it REALLY feels like it is getting more fun every day.

I promise I will come back to blogging soon...