Monday, September 14, 2009


So you probably think this is Kristen Rodgers. This, however, is not. It's the dashingly handsome, always festively plump, Aaron Rodgers. The justification for me taking over my [smoking] hot wife's blog is due to my first hand witness of tonight's events with our son Korben.

I tried to get out of the office early today (before 4:00 pm), came home, rode my bike, then sat down to enjoy some precious time with my fam. Korben was dressed in this new orange and navy checkered button up shirt (he looks like a stud in it). What took me several minutes to finally notice was ... that, was all he was wearing. MY son is not completely happy, and I know what you're thinking, "But he's usually so happy?!" and "When I've seen him happy it seems as though no other child on earth could ascertain such exuberance!" .... Well, you've never seen him without his diaper on.

The child becomes a different being when freed from the bondage of his urination & defecation pouch. When I see this, I state my observation and ask him a question, "Korben, you're not wearing a diaper! Do you like that? You having fun?" Without pause he answered, "Yeah!" as he began walking away from me, towards his room. He rounds the corner to his room, out of my sight, and returns back around the corner a few seconds later with a diaper in hand!

(I know this is a play by play, but you're gonna want it in a sec, hang in there) He waddled back to me and handed me the diaper. I congratulated him for his cognitive efforts and began unfolding the diaper. He stood very close to me and watched me as I worked. I asked him if he wanted to put the diaper on, he acknowledged with silent compliance. As I concentrated on how I would attach this soon to be soiled underpants to my son who was standing upright ...

I felt a warm unexpected embrace on my hands. I looked down to see a steady stream of concentrated evil eloquently flowing from underneath this child's classy button up shirt. Only milliseconds passed before I repositioned the open diaper in my hands to catch the yellow stream. He stood there, motionless, a face of both pure concentration and ecstasy. I waited patiently, slightly moving the now heavier diaper to make sure all the "liquid" stayed in the diaper.

He finished.

Partially clapped.

And walked away.

That's what I would have done. So I tried to call for Kristen who was out of the room as I tried to stop laughing and congratulating Korben for his new found efforts. It's about the little things. The simple moments. I'll never forget this ... especially on Korben's wedding dinner rehearsal night.

18 month check up

We just had Korben's 18 month check up with Dr. Beene. Little did she know, we had just been at the doctor on Friday for a sick visit. We rarely actually get to see her when he is sick since it is usually a last minute visit.

Korben weighed 27.8 pounds and was 34 inches long. He is still following the same percentiles, 75th% for his weight and 90th percentile for his height.

His left ear is still inflamed from the ear infections last week, so hopefully the antibiotics will wrap that up quickly. She thought his gums looked awfully swollen and said "OUCH" when she looked in his mouth. His bottom molars are in, although I know they still have some growing to do. You can only see the tips of the molars on the top, so those are probably causing him the most discomfort. The space in between his front teeth and molars is really red and swollen like something could come through there anytime. It will be so nice when he gets all of his pearly whites!

I told her my concern about Korben getting sick every 2.5-3 weeks with something. Once we talked about what he was actually getting sick with, I was reminded that it usually always something different, and almost always viral. She referred Korben to being in his "first year of exposure" and said it was normal for him to catch up to 10 things a year. Really? WOW. She said she would be worried if he continued to catch the same things over and over. In example, constant respiratory infections. He doesn't have the same thing all the time, in fact, he keeps us on our toes. His schedule tends to follow like this: stomach bug, fever virus, ear infection, then another type of stomach virus, another fever virus, allergies/teething. You just never know what you're going to get!

One thing that encouraged me was that I told her that he has obvious outdoor allergies right now (just like his momma). I've been avoiding strolling around our neighborhood lately because it seems like every time I do, his eyes start watering and he gets a cough and runny nose (and then a week later that mucous has turned itself into double ear infections...NOT worth a stroll around the block). She suggested Zyrtec for children. YAY! I didn't realize I could give him any sort of daily allergy medicine yet. She recommended that through this fall season I give it to him every single day. Sounds good to me, I hope it works!

He was really good at the appointment today, especially when he was in control of the situation. If HE got to place the stethoscope on his chest, the world was fine. If she did it, the world was over. While she examined him on the table, you would have thought he was being circumsized all over again in that room. Did you hear him screaming from where you were? I'm sure you did. She said his behavior was completely normal at his age, and usually gets a lot better by the 2 year old appointment. By the way, his next check up isn't until he is 2. It seems so far away, but it is less than 6 months from now! Of course, we will be back in October for flu shots, and if I know Korben like I think I do, we will make a few more visits before his next "well" visit.

Oh yeah, as much as I would like to forget about this incident, I better record it. Here is some drama that I wish had never happened. So, I was waiting for my appointment, and I'd held Korben as long as I could in the waiting room. We waited almost 30 minutes, and I can not hold him that long with him yelling "DOWN." So, I let him down, and let him play with that big standard toy that is in all doctor's offices. He was the only one playing with it, and I was going to sanitize his hands as soon as he was through playing with it. A 13 month old little girl walked over to it and started to play with it. Korben gently took her hands and moved it off the toy and said "NO, NO." Tacky? YES. Greedy? YES. Mean? Not really. He was gentle about it. Of course, I instantly grabbed his hands and told him that he needed to share with her. About 5 minutes went by. He seemed really happy. He was dancing around to the music on TV. The little girl was standing across the room by her mom. Everything seemed great. THEN, out of nowhere, he RAN up to the little girl, slapped her on the face with both hands, and pushed her down!!! I am embarrassed even typing about how horrific this scene was. The poor mom (who was there with her newborn- bless her heart!) looked at me with the most terrible expression! I picked up korben and said "No, No, No, No....we do NOT hit or push." I made him sit in my lap until the nurse called us back, which is the ultimate punishment for a little boy who wants to be on the move. So, to say the least, I have some work to do on teaching him to be kind with other children. This was our second incident with this. His best friend Brayden was his victim last week. I just didn't seem this coming with this innocent little girl!

For the most part, we had a very good check up. I am so thankful for my little boy. My wild, unpredictable, smart, and hilarious little boy.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Because pictures are worth a thousand words.

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then here are several thousand words for you to read regarding life with Korben lately.

This was taken the weekend before last when Don and Julie came up to visit. We had a lock-in on Friday night with the youth, and I was able to go since they were at home with Korben. Julie was extra helpful because she took care of Korben on Saturday morning while Aaron and I slept until lunch time. Here she is with Korben the night they got in. They are modeling the stickers she brought him. Unfortunately, most of the stickers had fallen off by the time I took this picture. I wish I could have captured just how many stickers were on their faces!

At Emmy's (a delicious German restaurant in Fort Smith). Korben wants to go back for more pickles!

This classic picture was taken last Friday. I was doing some spot treatment on the carpet in Korben's room. I was looking down and scrubbing the carpet, and looked up to see Korben riding his school bus with no diaper. I managed to find my camera while I was laughing hysterically. New rule: Korben is not allowed to just run around in shirts and diapers. He just can't fight the urge to strip it off and run around naked!

My mom came to visit last weekend. I have really done a terrible job of taking pictures lately. I guess that what happens when you're having too much fun. Nonetheless, here is my one picture of she and Korben. He is modeling his new hat she brought him.

Korben and Daddy on Labor Day

Playing in his booster seat.

Before church last night, I felt compelled to take his picture. He is not as easy to photograph as he used to be. "Hey Korben, can you smile for momma's camera?" somehow translates to RUN as fast as you can down the hall.

Okay, so I know I cut his head off in this picture. But I still think it is precious. Maybe it is the tucked in shirt...maybe it is the new shoes...I don't know. I just love this little boy so much it hurts.

Check out the spike!! I think his hair has already grown at least an inch this week!

My sweet, 18 month old boy!

His new favorite thing to do. Climb everything. AND jump off. Please pray for me.

He was kind enough to sit in the chair to pose before he stood up and jumped out. Thanks, Korben. I think this is one of my favorites.

This was taken this morning before he went to Mother's Day Out. It was raining so he got to wear his Razorback jacket. He just looked so cute in it, I had to take a picture. However, all he wanted to do was turn the light in the kitchen on and off, so all 8 of the pictures I took look just like this. Oh well.

18 Months...Word Up.

Happy half birthday to you, happy half birthday to you, happy half birthday to KORBEN...HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Our little Korbie Korb is 1 and 1/2 today! OHHHH MYYYY WORRDDDD!!! How is this possible? Just six more months and I have a 2 year old? That is completely unreal. Someone, please slow down this clock just a little!

Aaron and I were in the car on labor day, and we got on the topic of how many words Korben says. We both figured he said about 20-25 words, but to kill time in the car we decided to make a list of all of the words Korben he says. I would say that 90% of the words on this list he says without prompting. We couldn't believe it, but we ended up with around 80 words. There are probably a lot more things I could add to this list by now because he starts to say more things everyday. Last night at church he said almost everyone's name when they said "Say ______." It is so much fun!

Here are the things we wrote down:

Bye Bye
Big Bird
Green Bean
Uh Huh
Night Night
There/Here ya Go

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The First Haircut

Well, the first haircut just happened. I have to apologize though. I have more pre-haircut pictures than I do post-haircut. I was just feeling awfully sentimental before his haircut, thinking, these are the last pictures I'll ever take of my baby's long hair. I meant to re-create the same pictures outside once we got home, but he was ready for his nap. So, be looking for some more pictures of Korben sporting his new hair style soon. At least you will get the general idea of what he looks like by the few shots I have.

Brittney Skurdahl did a fabulous job with Korben. I was so nervous how he would do, considering it was a new place. He HATES to go to the doctor, and I was so hoping he wouldn't think he was at a doctor's office for some reason. He sat right up on the booster seat like a big boy, and didn't cry once! We were so proud. I kept him entertained with some snacks, while Daddy broke out the iPhone once or twice.

I think he looks like he is 4 now. It is amazing how quickly he lost his baby look. He looks precious no matter what, but I don't regret keeping his hair long for the time that I did.

And, in case you were wondering...I did keep most of his hair. Planning on framing a pretty little ringlet of it. ;o)