Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm still alive

I know it appears that I have neglected my blog. I haven't done it intentionally. Life has just HAPPENED the past month. One month ago today, I had a week of gallbladder issues that began with an all-nighter to the ER, and ended with lots and lots of tests. That was a very challenging week. Then it was Thanksgiving week, which was fabulous and busy. Then, I started and finished the twilight series (well, the last two books) in a matter of days. THEN, I had a week's worth of root canal/tooth infections/top lip the size of rhode island/dental drama and spent a lot of time snoozing in my spare time thanks to pain meds. Oh, and most detrimental to my blogging career, almost two weeks ago, my lap top pretty much bit the dust. I knew it had been coming. So, I only get to be on the computer when Aaron is at home with his work compter...and that is not that often. We are still deciding what to do about my computer crisis. I really miss blogging, and I can't even begin to sum up how many wonderful memories we have had with our precious son over the past month.

Every day I am full of stories of how SMART, SWEET, and HILARIOUS he is. Everyday I fall so much more deeply in love with our son. I can't believe he is not even two years old, and I already feel like we can have conversations and genuinely have fun together. I have always felt like being a mom was the most fun thing ever, but now it REALLY feels like it is getting more fun every day.

I promise I will come back to blogging soon...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Real kisses

I have to document this.

Tonight was so much fun. Korben, Aaron, and I were laying on the floor by the Christmas tree reading books before it was time for him to go to bed. Korben was pointing out all his favorite things in his books and telling us what they were. His absolute favorite book for us to read to him right now is "Hop on Pop." He likes the page that says "Up, Cup, Pup.." He will open it to the correct page everytime and say, "Up, Up." Then we were looking at his farm book. He was pointing at the animals, and then then he saw the picture of a girl and said "Guhl" in the sweetest little voice. We said, "Kiss the girl." He of course, kissed the girl...multiple times...then gave her a "hug" and said "AWWWW"....then proceeded to get up, grab my face, pucker up his lips and gave me his first REAL kiss. He even made the smack sound at the end. He has never done that! He has been giving us kisses for over a year, but they have been the open mouth slobbery kisses. This was the first real kiss, and let me say, it was the sweetest thing EVER! I made a huge deal out of it, so of course, I got a hundred more tonight. He was was so loving tonight. He hugged (just about) everything in the house saying "awwww."

Great memories were made at the Rodgers house today. I could not be more in love with Aaron or Korben. Thank you, Jesus.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ear Tube Surgery...Mission Accomplished!

Korben's Ear Tube Surgery was a success. We arrived at St. Edwards at 7:40 this morning and we were home by 9:30. I was most nervous this morning about him not being able to drink anything when he woke up. Every morning, he gets out of bed and starts asking for his cup. He did ask for his cup about 500 times this morning, but he never threw a fit when he didn't get it. That made me very glad! He was so sweet when we were getting checked in with the nurse. He thought the device she put on his finger to watch his heart was so cool!

They gave Korben some medicine to calm him down before he went back for surgery. They said he would be pretty much "out" in about 5 minutes. All it did was make him more hyper. Even after 25 minutes of the medicine in his system, he was still able to kick and scream when the anesthesiologist and nurse took him back. I was worried about them being able to put him to sleep, but as the nurse told me, "The anesthesiologist always wins." I guess he did! Here is a little video clip showing a revved up little boy.

The surgery was over quickly, and they paged us to come back to see Korben in recovery. They didn't even have to tell us which room he was in because we could hear him screaming down the hall. I'm so glad I had been warned at how crazy they are coming out of anesthesia. It was like he was asleep with his eyes open, and responding to a nightmare. He wanted us to hold him, but he was pushing us away at the same time. We felt so bad for him! The only time he stopped crying was when we were finally able to give him his cup of juice!

When we got home at 9:30, I tried to feed him breakfast, but he had no interest. He was just very restless and cranky. I tried to put him down for a nap, but he wasn't having that either. So, we just hung out until 12:30, when he normally takes a nap. The little angel slept for 3 hours, and I was able to get a good nap too. I did NOT sleep well last night. I was having panic dreams that I had overslept, or accidentally woke up and gave Korben something to eat or drink before surgery. So glad none of those dreams were true!

After he woke up from his 3 hour nap, he was back to his happy self! Here is a video of our happy boy. The giggling you hear in the background is a Christmas stocking that hangs in his room. He kept wanting me to push the button "again..again."

So, as you can see...he is doing great! We are praying that we have no complications with the tubes, and they will be just what he needs to avoid constant ear infections. Even today, the doctor said there was still fluid behind his ear drum, so he would have ended up with another infection in no time. I'm so thankful we were able to have this done.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

First School Pictures

Okay, maybe they are not his first "school" pictures, but a real photographer came and took pictures of the children at Mother's Day Out a couple weeks ago. My baby is growing up!

I was pleasantly surprised at how they turned out. They told me that he wouldn't pose for the picture without his blankie, and a few tears were I was expecting the worst. I was thrilled with how cute they were. I just took pictures of the actual proofs, so these are terrible quality. I just couldn't wait to share though! Click on the picture if you want to enlarge it to see it better. I need to place my order soon!

Christmas Decorations

I don't have much time to write tonight, but I wanted to post a few pictures of some of our Christmas decorations. I am so behind on blogging. When I get some extra time, I will blog about our fun trip to Branson this past weekend.

The most exciting thing we did this year was get Korben his own little tree. We bought some of his favorite "character" ornaments. We couldn't find an Elmo ornament, but Big Bird and Cookie have made Korben's Christmas tree their home.

Oh, and the close up picture of Aaron and Me was taken our first Christmas together in 2003. It is hard to believe that this will be our seventh Christmas together...and yet, I can't remember live without him!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Weekend

We had a fun-filled weekend. It all started on Friday morning when Aaron and I got up early to get in the drive-thru line for Korben to get his h1n1 shot. Nine hours later we returned home. Yes..that's right, we were in our car with a toddler for a full work day. I am only writing this for documentation purposes. I don't walk to talk about that day anymore. All I do have to say about it is that Korben was the best little boy you have ever seen, and I KNOW his ear infections are better solely based on his behavior this entire weekend. PRAISE the Lord.

So, On to the FUN times from our weekend...

Korben wore Momma's boots around the house on Saturday Morning,

Then he wore his Elmo costume on Saturday night! We went to our church fall festival. There were over 1,000 kids in attendance, not including their parents. It was awesome!

We saw our friend Owen, dressed as the cutest panda bear ever!

We saw Junie!

We saw some Dr. Seuss characters!

Korben mostly had this expression on his face all night...

Until he got in the "bounce-around." Then he was all smiles!

Then on Sunday at church we had "Grand Fam" day, where we all dressed western, and then had a picnic in the park. Korben had fun playing outside with the kids.

My adorable, fellow pig-tail friend, Madison.

Just to prove that my husband no longer has the monk hair cut. Can't say that I'm missing it very much!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Riding Geoffrey

So, Korben wanted to ride Geoffrey today. I said..."Why not??"

A few short clips

Here are a few short clips from the evening:

The first clip is Korben dancing to "The Adams Family" theme song before the costume party started.

The second clip is of Connor McGinnis pretending to be Aaron, getting "Korben"(the doll) to give people "the rock." Totally something that Aaron does.

The third clip is just so you can see how cute Korben looked in his Elmo costume.

GSM Costume Party

Tonight was our annual costume party specifically for Grand Student Ministry. It was soooooo much fun! There were 100+ people there, and there was so much energy in the room. The students costumes were so creative this year!

You can always count on Aaron to kick things up a notch. This year he was a friar/monk. He had his head (professionally) shaved and everything! We wanted our costumes to go together in a way, so I was a nun. Korben went as his favorite character in the world, Elmo. Korben was such a good boy, and actually wore his costume! I dressed him in it while he had an audience of people cheering and telling him how cute he looked. He obviously liked the attention, because not only was he willing to wear the costume...he actually wore the Elmo head (which he hadn't done before)! He probably only had the costume on 15 minutes at the most because he went to the nursery while the party was actually going on, but before it started he got to greet everyone while he was still dressed as Elmo. I took his hood off of him for a little while because I knew his head was getting hot. One of our students had just arrived at the party and she walked up to Korben, he then actually tried to put his hood back on and said "Melmo." It was so sweet! He wanted her to see his full costume, so she could see that he was "Melmo." Made my night.

Korben with his great drummer buddy, Adam Lucas!

Amy Goodrum dressed as Hannah Morehart! I LOVED this costume! She had a red wig that looked just like Hannah's hair, made a dance team outfit to look like her, had Hannah's face on a mask, and even mimicked her laugh. Incredibly creative!

THEEEEE biggest hilight of my night was seeing Connor McGinnis walk in dressed as Aaron. I instantly knew he was dressed up as Aaron because he looked JUST like him. He had him down to a "T." Paisley shirt, flip flops, gelled/spiked hair, glasses, gotee on chin, and to top it all off...A RED HEADED BABY. I walked up to him laughing my head off, and he proceeded to ask the "Korben" doll to give me the rock! TOTALLY something Aaron would do.

Swine Flu. I loved this!

The Grand Student Ministry Staff. Taylor is dressed as her big brother, Brandon Stokes (former intern), Callie dressed as Brittany (Aaron's secretary), Hannah dressed as Scott (our worship leader, who is also a math teacher...notice the calculator watch), and of course, Connor dressed as Aaron.

I don't know if any of you watch "The Office", but are these not dead-ringers for Jim and Pam?? ESPECIALLY PAM!!!