Monday, February 22, 2010

Rambling facts and memories

(Disclaimer: I am really sleepy, and I typed this without proofreading. Please have grace on my typos. I happened to be in the mood to "document" some things, so I though I better jump on it!)

Korben is just getting over a coughing/fever virus that resulted in double ear infections. This virus required two doctors visits, antibiotics and ear drops. We know everyone at cooper clinic all to well!

Just a week and a half before that Korben had strep throat. Of course, we all ended up catching it. This required doctors visits for Koben and me, as well as antibiotics for the whole family. Aaron's didn't get very bad because he caught it quickly with antibiotics. Mine was pretty ugly. Wish I could have taken a picture of the back of my throat. It could have been in a medical textbook

Of course 1-2 weeks before that we all had the stomach bug.

And a few weeks before that, Korben was on an antibiotic for a respiratory infection right after the new year.

To say the least, my little one still catches everything. It is always "whatever is going around." His doctors are not worried. They say it is normal for toddlers to be sick a lot when they play with other kids. They promise me his immunity will be exceptional by Kindergarten. I am praying that is true!

Somewhere in the middle of all this, I've had another gallbladder attack (I think) and frequent "pains." I have seen a GI doctor now, and agrees that it sounds like my gallbladder although none of my tests have shown that I have stones. He says that not all stones show up on ultrasounds and I may have stones that are the size of grans of sand. They do not go away on their own and will eventually form into bigger stones. There is a whole lot more I could say on this issue, but for some reason it is just not fun to talk about my gallbladder. I would much rather talk about Korben. Basically, I'm having a scope done on the 9th to rule-out anything bad going on in my stomach (Doctor doesn't think so, he just wants to cover his bases), and then I'm meeting with a surgeon on the 12th to talk about my gallbladder. Fun times.

So, what is Korben up to? Well, It is like night and day around here when Korben goes from being sick to well. He has been sick so much lately that I was starting to forget just how much fun he is when he is well. Korben is officially back, in all of his high-energy. If he is not dancing, he is drumming or playing his guitar. Everything is a drum to him. Even if I am buying groceries, each item I put in the cart is just another "drum" and he has to beat it to see how it sounds. And he talks...constantly. And repetitively. If the thinks you didn't hear him the first time, don't worry, you will hear it again, and again, and again.

He is not making much progress on learning his colors. It is almost humorous to hear him call four different colored crayons all "yellow." However, he is really exceptional with his shapes. He points out every heart, star, square, circle, or triangle he sees anywhere! This brings me to a story. On Saturday night I was putting Korben to bed and reading him a story. He has certain books that we read EVERY night. One is the farm book, which is an oversized hard back book with enormous pictures of everything relating to the farm. He was flipping the pages naming everything, as normal. He named the "pumpkin" and "scarecrow", then he started yelling "RANGLE!, RANGLE!" I was like, "What?" He continued to yell that and point at the scarecrow (which he had already named correctly). Then, out of frustration, he walked over and got his red triangle puzzle piece from his shapes puzzle and plopped it down on the scarecrow's nose, which I NOW noticed was a red triangle. Then he said "RANGLE" again, and it hit me..."Oh, TRIANGLE!!" AWESOME! I was so proud I almost cried. Bless his heart, all that time he was just trying to tell me that the scarecrow had a triangle for a nose. I thought it was brilliant that he was able to "think out of the box" and go get the puzzle piece for me to understand him. He knew I was so proud, and he was so proud of himself. He just smiled and hugged me over and over once he realized we were on the same page. So sweet!

This past weekend was our TWEEKEND event with the youth. Korben really liked going to hear the music. We stayed in the balcony and worshiped while the band played, but as soon as Daddy came on stage we had to leave. Korben doesn't understand that he can't yell at his Daddy every time he sees him on stage. I tried to cover his mouth one time when he yelled out and then he yelled "NOOOOO" even louder. I guess we will just be participating during worship for now!

Korben has so many FAVORITE people at church. Linda, June, Doris, Paul, Josh, and Scott! Korben adores our worship leader, Scott. Scott's wife Brittany is Aaron's secretary. He loves Brittany (who he calls "Omni"), but ADORES Scott (who he calls "Scotts"). We have a CD that Scott recorded in our car, and we hardly ever get past the first song because Korben wants to hear "Scotts, AGAIN! Scotts Guitar, Again!" Scott has NOOOOO idea how much he is talked about at our house (and in our car) by Korben! If I turn down the music for any reason, he immediately reminds me to turn it back up! Such. A. Mess.

We had Korben's two year old pictures done with Leigh Ann today. Seems like yesterday that we did his one year pictures! He was a little clingy/shy at first, but it didn't take long for him to be his ultimate "ham" self. I had been telling him all day that Leigh Ann was going to take his picture. I also told him that Leigh Ann had candy. For some reason, he decided he would call her "Lamp", so all the way there, he said "Lamp...Candy!" We slipped her some smarties candy to bribe him with and that was all it took! Hopefully I will be able to post some pictures on here in the next few days...stay tuned!

I posted this on my facebook the other day, but my blog is my baby book so I better write some of these stats on here. Korben is a little over 30 pounds, and really tall (not sure how many inches). He is wearing 3T jeans now! The length is perfect, and thanks the the adjustable waist, they are a perfect fit! I bought him his first pair of size 9 shoes and they also fit PERFECTLY. I don't know why I'm surprised his feet are so big with me wearing a size 10 and Aaron wearing a 15. There is no way he can get around big feet with our genes! He is in a size six diaper. He is not very into eating these days, but from what I hear from all my toddler mom friends, that is normal for this age. Oh well, I'm never going to stop offering. I hear that boys eventually like to eat! He seems to be doing better on the lactose intolerance issues. We have switched him from soy milk to lactose free milk. The lactose free milk has more calories and fat, which is a good thing for his age. He eats yogurt and butter on things regularly and never has a problem. He has even eaten several thing with cheese on it lately (even multiple bags of whole grain cheddar goldfish), and had no problems. Maybe he is growing out of it? Only time will tell!

Aaron and I are attending the "Simply Youth Ministry" conference in Chicago at the end of this week. I am so excited for a hundred reasons! When we get back it will be just a few short days until Korben's birthday party. We are having a "farm" themed party at CC's farm. It is going to be so much fun!

God is ridiculously good to us, and I'm so grateful for all he is doing in our lives. We are having a blast.